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B-Trumpet "Venezia"
The rotary valve machine from J. Meinlschmidt is installed in the Bb trumpet Mod. VENEZIA. Valve slides are one-piece, the preferred bell is with Ø 13.0cm or Ø 13.5cm. Recommended sheet thickness is 0.40mm or 0.45mm.

The VENEZIA is more centered than the Überetsch model thanks to the Meinlschmidt valves. It is also a very useful trumpet. Due to the balanced intonation, easy and direct response, the player immediately feels very comfortable on this trumpet. As with all OBERRAUCH trumpets, the sound is brilliant, rich in overtones and therefore very stable. Whether for daily practice, in brass music, as a solist or in the orchestra, this VENEZIA trumpet is a very good all-round instrument.

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