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High A/B - Piccolo trumpet with rotary valves "HOCHEPPAN II"
In close cooperation with realy specialists in this instrument, I can now introduce the newly developed piccolo trumpet model "HOCHEPPAN II". The rotary valve machine from J. Meinlschmidt is installed in the HOCHEPPAN II. Inner slides are made of nickel silver, the bows are made of gold brass. In contrast to the HOCHEPPAN I, all 4 buttons are intended for the right hand and the trigger for the 3rd valve slide for the left hand. Due to this arrangement of the pressure mechanism and the leadpipe, which is built into the 1st valve, the Piccolo lies very comfortably in the hand and also feels like a German trumpet. The HOCHEPPAN is brought into the respective mood by simply changing the leadpipe A and B.
The good intonation in A and B, the easy response and the very good accuracy of the notes make it easier for every player to play with this beautiful instrument.
The HOCHEPPAN II can be used in an orchestra or for solo concerts.

Price incl. VAT. € 3904.00 (€ 3200.00 net) RAW
Price incl. VAT. € 4087.00 (€ 3350.00 net) PAINTED
Price incl. VAT. € 4270.00 (€ 3500.00 net) SILVER PLATED
Price incl. VAT. € 4758.00 (€ 3900.00 net) GOLD PLATED

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